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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So besides Easter...

I would love to get into the mind of my 2 year old...she must be thinking and imagining constantly. Last night when I was tucking her in she looked outside(she has a window right by her bed) and said, "Mommy, it's dark. Jesus shut the light off?" I assured her that Jesus did shut the light off but he left a night light on called the moon. She looked back outside and said, "Mommy, the moon. I find it!"

Jon took her to the pond the other day and there was a dead fish by the edge of the water. She looked up at Jon and said, "Broken Daddy, Fishy not workin'- Papa fix it!" She knows that Papa Evans is a Doctor and can make you feel better (he has helped Hallie numerous times). I thought this was so precious!

Some little other updates:
-We sold our house!! YAYA!
-We need to find a house! HA!
-I am working out every morning at 5:30 am AHHHH!
-I am going to run Dam to Dam (12 Miles)
-Jon is studying despite trying to figure out where we are going to move to!
Harper updates:
-She is even more social than Hallie was at this age. She coos and talks constantly and it takes no effort to get her to do it!
-She is the sweetest baby. I can't really explain this-she just is!
-She is so patient!
-She is sleeping through the night for the most part.
-She is becoming a chunk. (I can't wait for her next appt!)
-She is a great eater! She nurses quickly and cuddles so sweetly!
-She isn't rolling yet. (I am bad about tummy time.)

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