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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


We had such a wonderful Easter celebration this year! Every Easter I always think about what an exciting day this must have been for all of Jesus' followers when they found out that the tomb was empty! AND how cool would it have been to see Jesus after he had risen?? We are doing our best to teach Hallie all about the death and resurrection of Jesus. We have a great, simple Easter book for kids that Jon has been reading to her before bed each night. I was standing just outside of the door the other night listening to there special time together. The book talks about how Jesus was hurt and hung on a cross...Hallie's reaction in a very sad tone, "oh no Daddy, Jesus hurt, oh oh daddy." The next page of the book so Jesus healed and outside of the tomb...Hallie's reaction in a very happy tone, "oh Daddy look, Jesus all better." Jon explained to her why Jesus had to die. I am pretty sure she doesn't fully understand the sacrifice but it was so sweet to see her concern for Jesus. Here are some pictures from Easter Sunday. I also have some Easter egg hunt pictures to post but need to get those photos from my dad!


Angie said...

Oh my word. Katie - these pictures are ADORABLE!! You are looking amazing my dear and Jonny and the girls look so sweet! What a great looking family you have there!

How sweet of Hallie with the Jesus book. That girl is just adorable. Too cute for words.

Hope your doing fantastic - way to go on selling the house!!! I am so excited!!!

Love ya girl!

Angie said...

oh p.s - I was going to say that Harper is growing growing! I cant believe it! She has grown so much!

I miss those girlies so so much!!