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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Around the house...walking picture soon to come!

Hallie is walking!!

So it is official....HALLIE IS WALKING! She took off on the 28th of March!! We were at Uncle Nick's show choir performance and she was being a little bit Daddy took her out to the hallway and OFF she went! She was walking all by herself and NOT wanting any help from Daddy! We were so proud! Way to go Hallie!! You are sooo BIG!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Almost Walking!

We have been sooo busy lately! However, our summer calendar looks less hectic! We are grateful for that! Hallie and I were lucky enough to get to go to Kansas City this past Monday to visit my cousin Julie and her new baby William. We had a great short trip and were so glad to get to meet the new arrival to the Gates Family! OUr current Hallie status:
-03/13/2009 Hallie took 8 steps at Grammy and PaPa Vander's house! She showed off for mom and dad when we picked her up! It was so great to see. She is not walking on her own yet but does great if you hold her hand. She is pretty cautious when it comes to walking.
- Hallie says "mama" "da da" "ball" "dog" "thank you." She understands almost everything you tell her. She is a total "girl" socially! She loves to talk!
- Hallie points to ma ma and da da when you ask her to. She also points to her hair and her toes.
- If Hallie finds a hair tie on the floor she immediately acts like she is trying to put it in her hair. She mimicks most things I do.
- Hallie loves the park swings. We finally have warm enough weather to go! YAY! The only trouble with her new fetish is she throws a huge fit when it is time to leave!
- Hallie is cutting her top right but not center tooth. It is the one right next to her middle tooth.
- Hallie has been constipated on and off! UGH! I am certain that it is due to MILK...I have heard rice milk is a great alternative and I am going to try that! I have tried to reduce the milk but that doesn't seem to consistently help...We want cosistent soft bowels! HA!
- Hallie loves to cuddle in the morning...After she wakes up she comes and lays in bed with Mommy! This is sooo precious!
- Hallie loves to stick her fingers in Landon's mouth...I don't know why but she loves to do this. He doesn't seem to mind except for when she gags him. We are trying to stop this behavior.