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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Last one!

And some more...

Christmas Card Pics

Here are some pictures we took today for our Christmas card. It was such a gorgeous day!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Hallie Kate!

We had a great Thanksgiving! We spent the afternoon at Aunt Jackie's house with the Evans/Shore clan! We then headed over to Mimi and Papa Vanders house for a feast of RIBS! YUM! We had a great time and you were such a good girl...even with a belated nap! Mommy and Daddy are so thankful for you and your soon-to-be sissy! You have such a sweet, spunky spirit! You are our constant joy! We love you soooo much! Happy Thanksgiving sweet girl!

Landon is one!

Here is a couple of cute pictures of Hallie and Landon together at his first birthday! Hallie even snuck a birthday kiss! Landon was the cutest one-year-old pilot!

Creek Baby...Hallie is now playing where I use to!

My sisters took Hallie to the creek behind my parents house...I use to play here all the time as a child and have so many fun memories there! She had a ball...she loves the outdoor and water so it was the perfect spot for Hallie! My sisters are so great with Hallie and are always so willing to help me out with her! I am so thankful for that!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Counting to 10!

It is official Hallie can count to 10!! I was so shocked when she did it! Very cool!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hallie is funny...

She loves to have her ears cleaned out! I use the end of a bobby pin (very gently and carefully + it doesn't pack in the wax) and she just loves it! I did it to myself and I think she likes it because it kind of tickles. She always asks for "more" once I am done cleaning them. She is too funny!

She loves jumping on beds...and just jumping in general.

She loves the song "row, row, row your boat." It is so annoying but I play it over and over for her because she smiles so big every time it is on.

She loves to take baths...especially with MaMa! This means I rarely get to relax in the bath on my own! :)

She is turning into a climber...she loves to climb on stuff at the park.

She loves my belly right now...she constantly kisses it and says baby. She also tries to hug my is too funny!

She loves talking on the phone. She is always up for calling someone!

Just some random Hallie facts that I want to remember!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Little Plaid dress!

One of the perks of having a little girl is DRESSING her up! I love shopping for Hallie and loved this little of course I bought it! I had to take some pictures because she just looked too cute!

My Little Tulip Fairy and Friends

Hallie had soooo much fun at all the Halloween and Fall celebrations this year. She dressed up as a Tulip Fairy...I just thought the outfit was cute! :) She went to CCBC's Fall Festival and then trick or treating with Landon (Peter Pan)! She got LOTS of great treats from her GGs and MiMi and Papas!

I have been neglecting you!

We have been busy taking pictures but just not posting them! Imagine that! Here are some pictures of Halloween and other randoms!