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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Last ones!

Around the house!

More Aunties and Tumbling!

Aunties and Tumbling!

Hallie had her first day of tumbling class last Tuesday! Sara and Allie came along to check it out too. She did great! She was a little nervous and had a couple melt downs (just tears though, no fits)...but overall I think she did great for her first class! Her teachers name is Miss Kelsey and is great with managing a bunch of 2-4 year olds!

Hallie showing Harper some lovin!

One Fine Day...

It was beautiful last week and we got the privilege of staying in a house other than ours! We watched Susie (the dog of a family I use to nanny for). Hallie got to play with Susie and spend a lot of time outside! It was so relaxing! Clayton, Ryk and Thayer came over one day to play with Hallie and Harper! They all (minus the babies) got into the hot tub and splashed around for a bit! They had a blast!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Birthday Fun!

Hallie got to celebrate a couple of FUN birthdays in February! We celebrated both MiMi and PaPa Evans' birthdays! We took them to El Meriachi for Mexican food! The best part was seeing Tom in the sombrero.
We also went to Hallie's girlfriend Reagan's 2nd birthday party. It was at an indoor pool park! Hallie LOVED it! She talked about it for days and still talks about going swimming! Here are some pictures from both events! (My pictures at the pool didn't turn out that great but I want the memories for Hallie!)