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Thursday, February 4, 2010



Old pics!

We took these pictures one afternoon at my parents house! I thought they turned out great!

People at the Party!

We kept it simple...we invited immediately family and Great Grandparents! We also invited Jon's Aunt and Uncle from Ohio...they were in town for Don's birthday! It was so nice to see them! Jim and the boys also came! We can't forget Hallie's favorite person too...Grant!

Party Girl-People at the party

Blow out those candles!

Happy Birthday to You!

Birthday fun!

Hallie's 2nd Birthday!

Hallie's 2nd Birthday Party was a lot of fun! She was so excited! She loved opening up presents and the birthday song! She was overjoyed by all the attention she got! She did such a good job (especially for being sick)! Thank you everyone who spoiled her rotten! She loved all of her gifts!