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Monday, October 4, 2010

Update for my Little Roo...

Wow! You are waving Bye-Bye and Hi! It is too cute!

We also went to your 9 month check up today! You are 20lbs 2oz- which puts you in the 74th percentile. You are 28.25 inches-which puts you in the 75th percentile. Your head is 18.15 inches-which puts you in the 94th percentile! You are doing so GREAT!! You were all smiles for the doctor which made me so proud. I love you baby girl!



Oldie-Photo Shoot

I took these at my parents one afternoon. They didn't turn out great (quality-wise) but the girls really looked cute!


Harper got a hold of a pen one day...I had to get a photo! It was pretty cute/funny!

More lake house!

OLDIES-Lake House

Wow...I found a bunch of photos that I definitely want in my blog book for the better late than never! In July we traveled with our small group to the Boone's lake house! We have thoroughly enjoyed this trip for the last 3 years! I didn't take very many photos but here are the few!