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Monday, November 17, 2008

I need to get some new pictures up....My camera was out of commission for a bit!! We had a great weekend with Uncle Chris and Aunt Janna! It was soo great to have them here!
We are looking forward to the holidays...LOTS of family and friends! Jon has realized that the holidays mean lots of PARTIES for me (Pampered Chef, jewelery, name it)! He has been eating up these "party evenings" to spend some one-on-one time with Hallie! He always tells me how sweet she is when I get home. I am so glad that he is a "natural." He is so good with her! Hallie gets such a kick out of Daddy too...she is always looking for him. If he leaves the room she will continuously turn towards the door- watching to see if he will come back. It is soo cute!

Friday, November 7, 2008


Yesterday we recieved news that our dear friends Josh and Angie gave birth to their first baby girl. She was born at 23 weeks...she weighed 1lb 4 oz. They named her Emma Joy (Josh's late grandmother's name) before they sent her home to be with Jesus. It was truly a miracle that she made it to 23 weeks. We are saddened by their loss but we rejoice knowing that she has been reunited with her maker. See you in heaven Emma Joy!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hallie is a busy girl...

Hallie took quite the spill today! She loves to pull herself up on our coffee table and attempts to walk around it...However, she ended up falling in the process and ended up with a nasty bruise on her head.

Hallie lately (9 months):
She is a fast little crawler!
She pulls up and takes steps while holding on!
She wears 18 month clothing!
She is constantly smiling!
She loves just about anyone but especially kids!
She is super social!
She says mama and da da!
She waves bye bye and hi!
She has NO teeth!
She is our joy!

Our little Miss Hallie Kate!

We were at Grays Lake in Des Moines!

Family Pictures

Our friends Jake and Sarah Franczyk took some family pictures of us this weekend! It was so much fun and they did an AWESOME job!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Daddy is so proud of his little Bethel babe! She loves her pink Bethel University sweatshirt that Grandma Patty bought for her!

Our little bumble bee!!!

Aunt Lisa got Hallie her Halloween costume...we thought she was too cute!