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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hallie is 1!!!!

Hallie is now 1!!! I can't believe she was born one whole year ago!! Turning one also means her lovely 12 month sticker calendar is finished…so this puts a greater pressure on me to keep this blog updated with all her new tricks and milestones! I hope to be committed…but my history with this thing says otherwise! 
Hallie is very active however is NOT yet walking! She is what I call a "super crawler." She is soooo quick that she looses all interest in walking after a few frustrating attempts. She looks at me like what is the point of walking mom?? It is very cute but hopefully she will get up and going soon! Here are some quick stats/things I want to remember about my little girl at the present moment!

• She is 21 lbs 10 oz and falling off the charts for weight! She is down to
the 60th percentile! She is 75th for height!
• Her hair remains light but she is not a toe head anymore…sometimes has a strawberry tint. (We will see what the summer sun does to it!)
• She has 2 teeth….bottom, middle teeth! She tries to bite her food now!
• She wears size 18-24 month clothes and some 12-18 month.
• My favorite thing she does now is…she says OHHHH (very long and dramatic) when she drops something or if I drop something. She says this instead of uh oh.
• She loves to say “hi” all the time! She says hi to people on the phone and to complete strangers! SO CUTE!
• She talks (babbles) to herself the whole time she plays.
• She loves her bouncy zebra toy…she gets on bounces and shrieks like a crazy woman and then gets off and does the whole process all over again.
• She loves baby Landon and Roxy (Lisa’s dog)! She lights up for both of them!
• Hallie is overall VERY social…she loves to be talked to and listened to!