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Monday, January 25, 2010

Some pictures around the house...

Hallie helped me make brownies while Harper just hung out! Also...Daddy enjoyed some couch time with his girls! We are also starting the potty training full force...Hallie has been going on the potty for quite some time now...just not consistently!

Play day!!

Hallie and Landon went to the church play date on Friday and then went to Lisa's (aka Great Grandma's house) to lay down for their naps! (Lisa let me run an errand!) We took these pictures right after they had woken up! They were so cute!


We had small group the other night and we lay Hallie down for bed while we are there. We do this every is very routine. However...this time when I went to get Hallie to take her out to the car I noticed that her diaper was on the floor! UGH!! She had unzipped her jammies, taken off her diaper and crawled back into bed. She was sleeping on Jake and Sarah's bed and had wet on their comforter. I was mortified! They of course were gracious...they have 3 little ones! So, Hallie ended up in Trevor's camouflage jammies! She loved them...she asked to wear them the next day! She kept saying, "Trevors...Hallie wear?" It was too cute. I still have no idea why she took her diaper off!

The girls...

Hallie is such a good BIG sister. She loves playing mommy and has even started nursing her babies (much to Jon's dismay)! I think it is precious though! She is learning to be gentle and loves to cuddle up next to Harper! I think they are going to be best buds!