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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some randoms!!

More photos from our trip!

Weekend get-a-way!

We had a great weekend visiting our friends Josh and Angie in Minnesota!! It was so relaxing for me(Angie is so good with the girls...I seriously had sooo much help...I wish she lived in Iowa!)! It was so great to spend time with them reminiscing and catching up! Hallie's highlight was their Boxer, Kobe. He was so great with her and she just loved him up! They are such good friends! We are praying that God blesses them with another little Nixon baby soon! Thanks Josh and Ang for a great weekend! Check out Angie's blog by clicking "I will praise you in this storm" on the side of my blog! Sorry I am not high tech- I need her to teach me how to make her name the link!