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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hallie is funny...

She loves to have her ears cleaned out! I use the end of a bobby pin (very gently and carefully + it doesn't pack in the wax) and she just loves it! I did it to myself and I think she likes it because it kind of tickles. She always asks for "more" once I am done cleaning them. She is too funny!

She loves jumping on beds...and just jumping in general.

She loves the song "row, row, row your boat." It is so annoying but I play it over and over for her because she smiles so big every time it is on.

She loves to take baths...especially with MaMa! This means I rarely get to relax in the bath on my own! :)

She is turning into a climber...she loves to climb on stuff at the park.

She loves my belly right now...she constantly kisses it and says baby. She also tries to hug my is too funny!

She loves talking on the phone. She is always up for calling someone!

Just some random Hallie facts that I want to remember!

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