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Friday, March 12, 2010

When it has been too long...

Yes, it has! It has been way to long...I guess you can tell I am a mother to 2 now instead of just 1! I will use that as my excuse! :) Hallie has been TOO FUNNY lately! She is saying "Oh dear!" and "Oh my!" She sounds so big when she uses expressions like that! Another funny thing she says all the time is, "Daddy fix it." I got in a minor accident the other day in a parking lot and the first thing Hallie said was, "Bump it Momma, Daddy fix it." She said this over and over again...I think she was trying to reassure me that it would be okay. She associates Daddy (and Papas) as the "fixers" and Momma (and Mimis) as the "makers." It is sooo cute (and true).
Harper is doing great!! She is sooo noisy..."ohing" and "ahing" and "ckking!" She is just so sweet. She also is sooo smiley these days! She is giving me those BIG morning smiles every morning...they are so precious! I am really savoring those smiles! She is on the brink of laughing...she does a slight laugh right now!
Jon and I are SOOO enjoying all of our time with our girls...we are still cooped up due to the weather. We are looking forward to the warmer weather so that Hallie can let her little spirit run wild in the outdoors! Our lives are so full and blessed!

Here are some pictures around the house!

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