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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

BIG... girls just continue to get so BIG! I am constantly amazed at how quickly they change. It is so fun to watch them grow but sometimes I wish I could stop time and just stay in the sweet moments forever!
Harper Update:
- She is smiling now! She has the sweetest little smile. She gives me the biggest smiles in the morning...Such a reward after sharing some long nights with me!
- She is cooing! I love it! She really gets to talking to Daddy...he has that effect on girls! :)
- She is not sleeping the best but starting to do better. She has given me a couple 5 hour stretches but usually she is up every 3-4 hours to nurse.
- She is a great eater. I don't think she is quite as chunky as Hallie was but she is filling out nicely. I love it!
- She is just SWEET...I can't quite put my finger on this but she just has such a sweet disposition. She isn't always easy...BUT she is always SWEET!

Hallie Update:
- I was saying her prayers with her last night and after I was finished she said, "Thank you Jesus- Help me poo poo." It was so sweet. Jon and Hallie have been praying every night that Jesus would help her go poo poo and she finally did it the night before! I was reminded of the importance of bringing Jesus into all circumstances!
- She loves carrying her little New Testament Bible around the house!
- She is a major Daddy's girl right now! (However if Mimis are around-she is attached at the hip)
- She still loves to snuggle in the mornings!
- She is so attached to her binki that we are still having a hard time taking it away...I know- It needs to go!
- She is VERY protective and possessive of Harper. And she loves to hold her too!
- She still loves ELMO but really LOVES watching Lady and the Tramp right now!
- She is easy to discipline because she is a pleaser. She likes making us happy!

Both of the girls are a lot of fun right now! I am so thankful for our family! I have had several stressful moments with two but it is so worth it!
I love you girls! I can't wait for all of our memories together!

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Aunt Sara said...

I love this! Also, I thought you were saying, Hallie's having a hard time giving up her bikini (not binki---HA)! I was thinking she must of loved Reagan's party!