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Sunday, September 5, 2010

So many updates...So little time!

Well...lets just say we have finished our summer super swamped-with many fun family activities! We had time with Chris, Janna and Jack; my high school youth group reunion; The Iowa State Fair, Family Camp, and Wisconsin Dells! WOW...we really were busy! Details on these activities to come! :)

A couple Harper updates: She is pulling herself up! She also does "SO BIG" now!

A cute Hallie story: We were struggling to get her to bed the other night. She always tells us she is scared or some other random excuse...So, of course, we always tell her that Jesus is with her even when we are not. I think this is a hard concept to grasp BECAUSE while we were struggling she shouted, "WHERE IS JESUS?" I thought it was precious...She must have been looking for him. :)

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