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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A little update with more pics...

Miss Hallie Kate:
You are so funny these days...and challenging too. Daddy and I like challenges so I guess we will keep you! ;)
Cute things you say:
- "Here my am" instead of "Here I am"
- "No way!" (When you are trying to tease!) Courtesy of Papa Bruce
- "Let's do it!" (When you are excited to do something! Courtesy of MiMi Patty
- "Why?" You have started to ask this constantly...I think it is your curiosity coming out!
- You still are unable to pronounce "G" "K" or "V" sounds. You say your name like this: Hallie Tate Ebans We are working on these sounds but still think it is so cute to hear you say them wrong!
-You say "He my best friend" when talking about people you really like.
-You say "That's my faborate!" when talking about the color blue or other things you really like.
You have started to notice the differences in the male and female anatomies. You can't pronounce either quite right (which makes it extremely hard for me not to laugh when we are talking about these things-but so far so good!)
Miss Harper Grace Evans:
-You love your sister Hallie and always laugh at her!
-You love dogs and laugh at them.
-You are a jumping queen in your Jumperoo Aunt Di lent us!
-You love toys and get frustrated when Hallie takes them from you!
-You are preferring Mommy these days.
-You roll all over the place...we think you will be crawling soon.
-You eat some sweet potatoes and carrots but you don't love baby food.
-I sing you a song and rock you during the song before bed! You fall asleep so easily that sometimes you are out before I start- I love this cuddle time that we have!
-You take 2 naps and sleep from 8-8! However, You still like to nurse consistently at 3 am every morning!

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