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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Harper's 6 month Check-Up

Wow! My sweet little Harper is hardly that (I mean little!)! ;) The doctor was so happy with you. We saw Dr. June Beetler for this appointment. I really liked her...she was so down-to-earth and really loved you...I think Daddy would like to go somewhere a little more professional though (i.e. no jean shorts and flip-flops for attire and a more child oriented waiting room and receptionist)! We will be discussing and researching this a little more before we make a final decision. Back to you- You are BIG!! You weighed 19lbs 2oz and were in the 95th percentile for this category! You go girl!! You measured in at 28.25 inches and were greater than the 97th percentile for height. We still can't figure this do we have kids that are starting out sooo tall?? Your head was 17.5 inches and landed on the chart in the 90th percentile! Wow, Little Roo you are getting so big! We are already so proud of you. You are a beautiful baby and have such a great personality (laid back and sweet). We love you so much!

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