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Friday, July 2, 2010

Behind, Behind, Behind.

I am so behind...I have oodles and goodles of pictures to upload! UGH!! I am working with our new computer and still have to upload software to make this possible! YIKES!! I hate getting behind! I wanted to update on the girls!
-VERY talkative and VERY in touch with her feelings (this does not always make parenting easy!)
-I haven't measured her in awhile but she looks like she is getting much taller! :)
-She loves her friends and loves having people over.
-She plays by herself really well.
-She is a singing machine!
-She is loving the splash park and a cautious child way! ;)
-She is difficult right now...I feel like I am constantly disciplining her. It is soooo hard some days!
We are also going through a extremely rough sleeping spell with Hallie. This has been going on since we moved to our new house. She is up every night for 1-3 hours. It is soooo exhausting and we are at a loss for what to do. It is very difficult to show compassion in the middle of the night. So...we are praying through it! Hopefully she will go back to her normal 10-12 hours soon.
-She is still the sweetest baby ever!
-She is sitting up like a BIG girl!
-She rolls everywhere now too!
-She is super chunky and we just love it!
-She sleeps most of the night...she usually wakes up between 1 and 3 to nurse but it is quick and right back to bed!
She has her 6 month well-child check next I will update her stats then!

***Also...Jon surprised me with a new camera!!!! I was soooo excited!! It is a nice one too...which means better blog pics!! YAY! It was his best surprise for me yet! Thanks Babe...YOU ROCK!

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