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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hallie's First Flight

I have been without a computer and internet for some time now...So, Now I will be playing catch up! We have been SOOO wonderfully busy! MEANING: Everything that we have been busy with has left us with precious memories that we will never forget! Moving was a huge step this month! We are getting settled-I will be sure to add some before and after photos. We haven't done everything that we want to do to our house...but painting and some other little things sure gave her a facelift! We also have celebrated Nick's graduation, Gpa's 80th, Father's day and sooo much more!
Hallie took her first flight this last month with Papa Bruce! It went flawlessly! She seemed to love it!! My biggest fear was that she would cry the whole time...She was such a champ!!! I have never been afraid of flying...I have been going up since birth...but I did have a slight moment of fear...the "what if" crept into my mind knowing that my 2 year old was going up!?? It was just a split second thought...I trust my Dad more than commercial pilots!! Here are some photos from our flight! It was a breathtaking evening in good 'ol Iowa! (First flight airplane was in Dad's Bonanza)

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