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Friday, May 21, 2010

In Limbo...

We are nomads right now...trekking from home to house to parents is all so exhausting but I am TOTALLY thankful for them!! I can't imagine what we would do without our parents!! They have been our saving grace this month as we are between homes! We are staying with Tom and Patty for the month but we took a detour to my parents house for the weekend (the Evans' home will be filled with many people for Nick's grad party- Hooray!). Anyway...Hallie and Harper have done great! It was a little adjustment for Hallie...she is still mentioning from time to time that she wants to go to Hallie's house. It is hard to hear (We have so MANY precious memories within the walls of our townhome.). She also talks about Hallie's NEW house! She seems to be pretty pumped about her new room and bed! I think this move also has consumed my blogging time! ;) So, here I am playing catch up...yikes! I have so much to "remember" that I might miss a few things and it might get a little out of order! But memories are memories- I don't really care about the order! :)
Family Updates:
-We moved!! YAY!
-We have been busy going to weddings and grad parties!
-Jon has been busy studying for his next CFP test. He is a trooper!
-The girls and I joined the Vanderpool crew and headed to Pella for an afternoon of WONDERFUL pastries, beautiful tulips and fun park time! We always have so much fun going! We have to get the good 'lo Dutch photos of our kids with the tulips (The pics are our real motivation for going!).
-Mommy continues to play cards on Sunday nights and LOVES is a nice break from the hustle and bustle of mommy duties!
Hallie updates:
Hallie-You are my buddy! I love doing things with you! I love seeing you learn by experience and not some crazy new children's curriculum. You soak up so much! You thoroughly enjoy life and God's beautiful creation. You inspire me to slow down, to soak it up, and have fun! I love you Hal Kat! -Mommy
-Hallie continues to amaze us with her vocabulary. She is very descriptive of everything including her feelings. It is so nice to communicate with her...she is like having a buddy around all the time! I love it!
-We now call kisses "muahsses" thanks to Hallie. Whenever she kisses you she says "muahsss." It is darling!
-Hallie has had some BIG adventures already this summer. She got to go boating and flying! WOW! She loved them both! I will add some pictures of her first flight with Papa!
-Hallie does NOT like "thong" sandals...she refuses to wear them!
-Hallie loves to sing and sings on pitch. OR at least follows the correct note pattern.
-Hallie's favorite song is American Honey by Lady Antebellum (She knows all the words!) It is hysterical!
-Hallie continues to be Mimi's girl! Both Kim and Patty. She gives both Papa's a run for their money but does cuddle up and show them affection from time to time!
-Hallie is saying "May I please"! I love this! We do have to remind her but she is doing great with it!
-Hallie is SUPER affectionate with Harper. She is also very protective! Poor Lando loves to love on Harper but Hallie gets very protective and jealous and pushes him away sometimes.
-Hallie wears 3T clothing and size 7 shoes.
-Hallie still wears a diaper for nap and night time but is starting to be somewhat dryer during nap.
Harper Updates:
My Little Roo...You bring so much JOY to our family. You just spill over with sweetness! We are so blessed by your sweet little personality already. I love nursing you and cuddling with you in the mornings. I think those are our most precious moments together right now! I love you! -Mommy
-You smile at everyone and everything.
-You laugh a lot but especially at sissy!
-You have rolled a couple of times now but not consistently!
-You are a great eater! It shows in all your chunky rolls that I absolutely adore!
-You are laid-back...I hope you stay this way! :)
-You wear 6-12 month clothing, size 3 diapers, and have tiny feet (not sure the size)!
-At 4 months you weighed 17. 4 were in the 99th percentile for weight! I am not sure of your length but you fell into the 90th percentile for length. And 99th for head circumference. You are SOOO BIG!!

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Julie Gates said...

I didn't relize you were in Limbo... I thought you all moved in. Anyways good to here from you ....I figured you were pretty busy! See you in a few weeks!:)