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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Year End update!

Of course the highlight to the end of 2009 was the birth of Harper Grace...It was truly the BEST ending we could ask for. I do want to end the year with some Hallie'isms'! She continues to be such a light in our lives!

-Instead of saying yes she says “Yups” – it is really cute!

-She likes to “snuggie” for snuggling!

-She likes things that are individual….for example she loves the fact that she has her own chair.

- She loves to pretend cook. She makes noodles all the time!

-She loves to play in the snow with Daddy.

-She is obsessed with the tractor at our townhome that removes snow.

-She repeats herself all the time.

-She sings with her songs now but you can only make out the last word to every phrase.

-She knows when we get to certain land marks that we are going to “MIMI’s HOUSE!” She repeats it over and over until we get there!

-She is getting really good about picking up her toys!

-She loves her bath crayons and bath finger paints!

-Her memory amazes me…she remembers everything!

-She loves stickers, play dough, and coloring. She likes crafty things!

-She currently hates going to the nursery at church…she cries every time we drop her off and IT KILLS ME!

-She wears size 2T clothing and is on the verge of 3T.

-Her shoe size is 6!

-She is 26 lbs and between the 25-50 percentile for both height and weight. Her head remains in the 90th percentile! (I did this online as she doesn’t go back to the doctor until the end of next month!

-She is sooo much fun! She can be a stinker from time to time but she responds well to consistent discipline!

-She loves making coffee with Daddy.

-She loves to help us with anything we are doing...she loves unloading the dishwasher and doing laundry...she loves pushing the buttons to start things!

-She is in love with little Harper...she loves doing everything for her. She does get a little jealous of the time mommy spends with Harper.

We had a great year in 2009...We are looking forward to 2010 and all that God has in store for us!

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