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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Little Moments...

I am so excited to have another baby girl...I am looking forward to the bond that Hallie and the new baby will share. However, I am soaking up these last few moments of my life with just Hallie. We have had such a fun week...we played at the park Tuesday (it was 60 degrees), we went to the play place for a play date with Clayton, Ryk and Thayer on Wednesday, and today we went to the mall to visit Santa! Hallie loved the Christmas trees and displays-she get's so excited about the lights! She was kind of shy with Santa but did give him a BIG high-five and hug! She is such a little buddy! We went and had lunch with Daddy afterward (We ate Mexican-Hallie's favorite: Rice and Beans)! On the drive home she conked out...I love looking back at her while she is sleeping in her car seat. She gets in such a deep sleep- I don't think anything would wake her up! Awww sweet girl...we will soon be house bound for at least a few weeks...but you will stay busy kissing baby and helping momma! I love you Hallie Kate! You always make my day!

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Aunt Sara said...

that is precious. x0x0