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Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Great Wednesday!

What a great way to spend a Wednesday! Daddy took the day off so that I could go to work for a while in the morning. We all ate breakfast together and then off I went! After nap time, we headed to Homemakers and Bed Bath and Beyond. We are trying to prepare our home for the real estate market! It is mostly ready but we wanted to add a few finishing touches to make it look GREAT to buyers!
My favorite part of our day was being together as a family for almost a whole day. We don't get a whole lot of opportunities for this because I work every Saturday. I am really looking forward to being home more after the baby is born! It will be soooo great!
********Some cute things Hallie did today:
- She was so overcome with JOY as we rode the elevator at Homemakers...she was jumping up and down with excitement!
- She tried to sit on a fake dog and "ride" it!
- She said "hi" to every person at the store.
- She sang to her kid music in the car (although we could not make out her words)!

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