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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bass Pro Shop and Airplanes

Hallie and I had a great day today!! It was looking grim (overcast and rainy)...SO we popped over to Pa Pa Vanders house and ended up taking a trip to Bass Pro Shop! Hallie absolutely loved it. She was pointing at all the animals and loved the huge fish tank. Dad and I laughed because she was so excited and into the whole experience but as soon as we tried to get her to touch the animals she would get spooked. It was too cute. She also tasted some yummy fudge in the fudge shop! We will have to take Daddy very soon...he would love it!
We also stopped and showed Hallie PaPa's airplanes! She was fascinated...she would say over and over "bareplane" (her version of airplane). She did not enjoy getting in the Cessna but seemed okay in the Bonanza. We were getting close to nap time so we did not take either of the planes out. She seemed to enjoy just seeing them!
It is a shame that my battery was charging on my camera! Bummer but more pics to come soon!

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