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Saturday, September 12, 2009

24 weeks and counting!

I can't believe that in 16 (or somewhere around then) we will be adding another little girl to our family. I feel like I should be prepping (buying clothes, baby items, decorating her room) but there is NO need this time around. I guess that is one of the luxuries of having another girl...However, some part of me feels bad! I am sure this little one will have plenty of attention when she gets here. Hallie is already "baby crazy" and she loves kissing my belly. Speaking of my is just growing, growing, growing! I feel wonderful! I don't remember feeling this good during my pregnancy with Hallie...I think my body understands what to do this time! Stretch, grow, and expand!

Hallie is the constant entertainment around the Evans household! She is just learning and doing SOOOO much. I am amazed at the little things she already knows. She loves saying her animals and the sounds they make! She also names all the objects in her babies first book, book. She is passionate about music! Her first request in the car is for "music!" She only really likes movies or shows that are sing-a-longs. In the last month, she has also started saying 2-word sentences! She says things like "hi mama" and "Hi Dada." It is sooo cute! She is moving right along which is so great to see! I love how she just FULLY enjoys life!!

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